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History of the Program

MBA - Program History

Begun in 1995, the Cumberland University Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The tenth anniversary of the program is being celebrated this 2005-2006 year by becoming the first MBA in the nation. With over seventy-five percent of America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) attributed to services, the university is pleased to offer its MBA positioned for this major sector. As the first Services MBA, the program provides graduate-level business and economics courses for persons who work in a service organization or a manufacturing firm with a service component.

The Services MBA has a set of core courses that prepare persons for managerial careers that are service oriented. The subjects are accounting, economics, computer systems, finance, management, marketing and statistics. These subjects reflect organizational functions, and the courses themselves emphasize service firm situations. Services MBA electives are based on important service issues and tasks that are operational in nature. For example, managing customer relationships, designing service delivery systems and developing new services are relevant to today’s large and small organizations.

The Labry School of Science, Technology and Business is pleased to recommend the Services MBA. Its appeal reaches a cross-section of organizations and their managers in the Middle Tennessee area. They will be prepared to make contributions to a wide variety of institutions, and they will be in a position to enhance their own careers. Hundreds of Labry School MBA graduates have seen their professional lives grow in such fields as healthcare, telecommunications, distribution, retailing, finance, realty, government, not-for-profits, sports, and the professions.

While Services MBA course sessions are held on-campus, in 2004 selected MBA courses introduced online instruction as a learning method. Online instruction in these courses is a component that enhances on-campus education. Specific assignments such as readings and discussions are completed at the location and time convenience of students.

A milestone itself, Services MBA courses are conducted on the first college or university campus in Tennessee to be wireless campus-wide. Labry School students, including those in the Services MBA, are provided wireless notebook computers for classroom use and off-campus study. Up-to-date delivery of up-to-date subjects makes study in the accredited Labry School Services MBA exciting and worthwhile. Its faculty members are dedicated to providing a learning environment that is personable and conducive to a combined on-campus and interactive graduate education.