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General Information

MBA - General Info

Chris Fuller, Ph.D.; Dean of the Labry School of Science, Technology and Business, Associate Professor - Mathematics 
Mary Lewis Haley, D.A.
Max Melnikov, Ph.D.
Eric Landis, D.M.
Valerie King, D.B.A.

Degree Requirements
The number of semester hours required for the MBA degree is Thirty-six (36) semester hours. Each of the courses has three semester hours of credit. There are two sets of course sessions during the fall and spring semesters; the summer has a similar offering. While course meetings are held on the Lebanon, Tennessee campus in Labry Hall, Service MBA courses typically have an online component.

Transfer of Course Credit into the MBA Program
No more than six (6) semester hours of credit can be transferred for graduation credit into the MBA Program. A transferred course must be a graduate-level course and have been earned by the requesting student at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of B or better. The transferred course must by similar in content to a course offered in the Cumberland University MBA Program, and the transferred course can only be used as a replacement for the similar MBA course with the MBA Director’s approval. A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of Cumberland University MBA courses must be successfully completed at Cumberland University.

Full-Time Status and Academic Loads
Full-time status for an MBA student is determined as enrollment for six (6) semester hours during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. MBA students are expected to work while pursuing the MBA degree. The normal load is six (6) or twelve (12) semester hours, including the summer semester, in order to complete the 5000-level courses in six enrollments.