Cumberland University

General Information


Ted Rose, M.F.A., Dean, School of Music and the Arts 

Dr. Brian Kilian, D.Mus., Professor (Music) 

Dr. Larry Menefee, Ph.D., Professor (Theatre) 

Dr. Michele Paise, D.Mus., Assistant Professor (Music) 

Peg Fredi, M.F.A., Adjunct Instructor (Art) 


Time Frame for Completion:

A qualified student may begin studies in the fall, spring or summer semesters. A student can complete the program in about a year, attending full-time; or within two years going part-time (while taking only six semester credit hours per term). Courses are conveniently planned with the working student in mind, and are frequently offered, in addition to day courses, during evenings and over the summer term. This schedule is particularly appealing to working professionals and to teachers in the field of Fine Arts. A student's matriculation must be completed within a maximum period of seven (7) years.


Courses within the Master of Arts program of study are conducted on the University's main campus in Lebanon, Tenn., as well as at the Phoenix Plaza, located near the campus. On the main campus, Fine Arts oriented facilities include: the Heydel Fine Arts Center, which houses the Fine Arts Theatre, used for music and theatre performances, and the Adams Gallery. The MacLab, located in Labry Hall, serves as a well-equipped Macintosh computer lab classroom for courses in digital media art, photography and music technology. The nearby Phoenix Plaza, houses a large Fine Arts Annex, which includes various traditional Studio Art facilities and classrooms, as well as the Music Band Room.