Cumberland University


Application Regulations

The Cumberland University rules and regulations found in the Catalog and in the Cumberland University Student Handbook apply to Master of Arts (M.A.) in Fine Arts students. These regulations include, but are not limited to: Admissions, registration, schedule changes, withdrawal from class and/or the university, graduation participation, grade-point averaged, release of information, student services, class availability, use of English, class attendance/preparation, grade reports, enrollment certification/verification, change of name/address, and academic misconduct.

Application Requirements:

Cumberland University makes no distinction in its admission policies or procedures on grounds of age, sex, religion, race color, national origin, or physical handicap.

A person may be admitted into Cumberland University on a provisional basis using “QUICK ADMIT,” but take no more than six semester hours of M.A. in Fine Arts courses by providing each of the following items:

  • A completed application form; A $50 application fee;
  • An official transcript from the accredited institution which granted the student a baccalaureate degree.

The provisional admission of a person to take a limited number of courses is offered to provide the person time to complete all requirements for acceptance by the Fine Arts faculty into the M.A. in Fine Arts program. Such acceptance is necessary in order to continue studies beyond one provisional semester.

A person may be accepted into the Master of Arts in Fine Arts program to pursue this degree by providing each of the following items, as well as the additional items based on the track area of study in either Art, Music or Theatre as listed below:

  • A completed application form and a $50 application fee 

  • Completion of an appropriate accredited undergraduate degree or the equivalent is required for graduate study in Fine Arts. An official transcript from the accredited institution, which granted the student a baccalaureate degree.

  • Admission to graduate study shall be granted on critical examination of the academic record; the content of courses taken; and original compositions, papers, a performance audition, portfolio review, and/or professional experience as appropriate. 

  • All students admitted to graduate study in Fine Arts shall demonstrate at least baccalaureate level competence in those areas considered common to all undergraduate study. 

  • All students admitted to graduate study shall demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skill in English to pursue the required studies. 

  • Each candidate must write a supportive statement about the candidate’s specific goals for the M.A. program. 

  • Candidates must have a minimum average of 3.0 in fine arts areas on a 4.0 scale. 

  • All candidates must schedule a personal interview with the graduate fine arts committee, and then be approved by this committee for appropriate studies at the graduate level. The applicant’s competency levels are examined, whether in general or for specific programs, and will be determined by general agreement among the graduate Fine Arts faculty, within the appropriate discipline area. Faculty consensus concerning the policies and procedures in this regard is considered essential since such examinations may be used as placement and/or entrance criteria.

Additional Application Requirements for Fine Arts Tracks:

Studio Art Track

The applicant fo the M.A. in Fine Arts must submit a CD/DVD, slides or portfolio of 20 works of visual arts.

Theatre and the Dramatic Arts Track

Admission to graduate study shall be based on critical examination of the academic record; the content of courses taken; and original plays, papers, a performance audition; design portfolio; or professional experience.

Music Track

Entrance auditions and examinations appropriate to the goals and objectives of the graduate program as a whole and each specific track are required. The following shall be required as applicable to the student area of interest for the degree program:

  • Music Theory  - Entrance Examination
  • Music History - Entrance Examination
  • Composition or Arranging - Portfolio Required
  • Music Technology - Basic Computer Proficiency
  • Conduction - DVD/Video
  • Performance - Personal Audition (DVD by Permission)

Music Deficiencies:

Students admitted with deficiencies are required to remove them early in their programs. Deficiencies shall be removed by successfully passing the following courses as applicable: Theory Overview and/or History Overview; These courses shall nor count towards the minimum credit hours required for the M.A. in Music graduate degree program.

Transfer Credit into the M.A. degree program:

No more than six semester credit hours can be transferred for credit into the M.A. degree program. A transferred course must be a graduate level course, and must have been earned at a regionally accredited university or college with a grade of B or better. The transferred course must be similar in content to a course offered in the M.A. program. The transfer credit must be approved by the Dean of the School of Music and the Arts. A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit must be successfully completed at Cumberland University.