Cumberland University

Master of Arts in Fine Art

Track options in Studio Art, Music, or Theatre and the Dramatic Arts

Ted Rose
Program Director,  Visual Arts

The M.A. in Fine Arts degree is offered by the University, in keeping with Cumberland's Mission to provide opportunities for advanced study in fields appropriate to the needs of the community. The program seeks to provide individuals who have earned an accredited baccalaureate degree in a fine art field of either Music, Art, or Theatre, with an opportunity to obtain a Masters degree in Fine Arts, while continuing to work full-time during the period of enrollment.

Cumberland University is the only university within the geographical area of middle Tennessee offering a graduate degree in the fields of either Studio Art, or Theatre and the Dramatic Arts (as of the date of this website posting).


The Master of Arts in degree contains a required core curriculum of interdisciplinary fine arts courses, with track studies of course options within the fields of Studio art, Music or Theatre and the Dramatic Arts. See the program tracks section for further information and curriculum.


The mission of the Master of Arts in Fine Arts degree is to provide a broad-based curriculum in the fine arts that enhances skills and concepts in theatre, music and visual art. The program is designed to help foster individual research and development through creative experiences and interconnectivity of fine arts areas.