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The first year in college is a critical year. At Cumberland we take seriously that great success and acheivement starts with a great beginning. That beginning is well underway when you first set foot on campus for New Student Orientation and the start of the academic year. Even before Freshman Registration, you have expectations and reasons you want to attend Cumberland University. Often, these expectations shape your early experiences in college. We hope to not only exceed your expectations, but plant new expectations you hadn't thought of, and facilitate your hopes about what a transformational experience a college education can be.

You don't come to Cumberland to receive your education: you come to claim ownership of your education. The difference in these two perspectives is enormous. In the first year, we provide tools strategies and knowledge so that students will take proactive responsibility for their lives as college students, instead of being passive recipients. We accomplish this through co-curricular activities like speaker events, New Student Orientation, our Foundations of Scholarship and Learning (FSL 101) course, relationships with Peer Mentors, academic advising and mentoring, involvement in campus organizations and honorary societies like Alpha Lambda Delta, and learning communities. All of these activities create an intentional learning environment that enables ownership, contribution and transformation.

We are committed to both the academic and social success of our students. The Cumberland experience is a personalized experience, one that allows for mentoring and giving back, for the integration of athletics and intellectual development, and for aligning your talents with outstanding career prospects. CU on campus!


Dr. Joshua Hayden
Assistant Professor of Education and Director of First-Year Experience


Mission of the First-year Experience


The First-Year Experience is a collaborative effort designed to sustain an environment of challenge and support for new students' academic and social transition and success. We strive to encourage and enable students to be intellectually curious and involved in becoming contributors to the campus community.

TYE includes the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), also known as Scholarship, Learning and Academic Mentoring (SLAM), which focuses on a  required academic course called Foundations of Scholarship and Learning (FSL 101). FSL is taught by our faculty and academically focused college-level academic expectations. Co0curricular activities like the Vise Library's iRead program are integrated with FSL and English COmposition learning communities. FYE collaborates with Admission for Freshman Registration and the Office of Student Success and Retention on New Student Orientation.