Cumberland University

Teacher Education Progression (TEP) Handbook and Requirements

1. Introduction

     Welcome Letter

     Approved areas of licensure

     Overview of the Teacher Education Progression at CU

2. Required of all initial Teacher Licensure candidates
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    1.  Criminal Background Check for Teacher Licensure

     2. Live Text

3. PRAXIS: Entry Tests are required for both A. admission to the Teacher Education Progression and B. prior to student teaching.

Undergraduate praxis requirements:

A. For undergraduate admission to the Teacher Education Progression, students must pass each of the Core Academic Skills for Educator (Core) tests before they can be admitted to the Teacher Education Progression at TEP I.

B. Prior to student teaching, undergraduate students must pass a Principles of Learning and Teaching test and all other Tests Required for Specific Areas of Licensure for the kind of teacher's license they want. Information on these tests is available from the under the requirements for Tennessee.

Graduate praxis requirements:

A. For graduate admission to the Teacher Education Progression, MAT candidates must be admitted to the graduate school and must submit a passing score on the Content Knowledge test for the type of teacher's license they want prior to completing 6 credit hours in the program (typically, this means that candidates admitted to the program must take and pass the Content Knowledge test in their first semester). 

If after completing 6 hours, MAT candidates do not have passing content knowledge scores on file they may opt to file a change of Major to the MAE program and complete the degree without licensure; otherwise they should not enroll in further coursework until such time as they have passed the content knowledge test for the type of teacher's license they want.

B. Prior to student teaching, graduate students must submit at their TEP II interview either evidence of passing all other tests required for the type of teacher's license they want (beyond the content knowledge test passed for admission), OR evidence of their registration for all other tests prior to the end of the student teaching semester. 

     4. Professional Teacher Dispositions

     5. Tort Liability Insurance

3. Additional information concerning Undergraduate requirements

     Teacher Education Progression Phase I

     Teacher Education Progression Phase II

     Undergraduate Field Experiences and Student Teaching

     Master Teacher Option

4. Additional information concerning Graduate requirements

     MAT Teacher Licensure Program

     Graduate Field Experiences and Student Teaching

     Praxis II

5. Assessment system overview


6. Forms/Documents

     Field experiences activity report

     Student teacher placement request

     School demographics reports

     Disposition Referral Form

     InTASC Standards

7. Student Resources and Policies