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Praxis Content Area exams for the MAT

Praxis II Content Area Exams required for MAT Candidates

Cumberland's Master's program for Initial Teacher License Candidates is focused on the study of pedagogy and other topics related to teaching, learning, and schooling. We do not offer courses at the Master's level in subject area material. Candidates may be enrolled in undergraduate courses in their content area if they wish to improve their knowledge, or if a transcript review requires it.

If a candidate seeks an initial teacher's license through a Master's program, they must demonstrate adequate mastery of subject material by passing the Praxis II Content Knowledge exam related to their intended licensure before they can student teach. Each of the Content Knowledge tests for different teacher licenses specifically have the terms "content knowledge" in the title. The other tests required for licensure may be taken later.

Candidates must submit passing Praxis Content Knowledge scores within six months of entering the program and beginning coursework. Candidates are advised to submit a passing score on the Praxis II content knowledge test with their application material.

If at the end of the semester MAT candidates do not have passing content knowledge scores on file they may opt to file a change of Major to the MAE program and complete the degree without licensure; otherwise they should not enroll in further coursework until such time as they have passed the content knowledge test for the license they want.

Be sure that Cumberland University can support the type of license you want - visit the State Department of Education's Website for a list of programs that we are approved to offer.

The list of Praxis II Content Knowledge tests required for Tennessee teachers' licenses are available from

Failure to pass the Praxis II Content Knowledge test for their type of licensure will mean the candidate will not be permitted to student teach.