Cumberland University

Internship Process

The following information describes the internship process for student and faculty involvement. Please refer to this information when talking to students.

  • Refer all students who are required to take or interested in serving an internship to Courtney Vick, Director of Career Services & Internships.
  • Interns must schedule a meeting to discuss all paperwork & procedures. After securing a site, interns must complete the learning contract available from the Internship Coordinator. Student, employer, faculty sponsor, and Internship Coordinator will complete and sign the contract. Please complete contract in the following order:
    • The student is responsible for completing contact information and learning objectives. 
    • Employer will complete the internship responsibilities and Fair Labor Standards Act (unpaid internship only).
    • Faculty sponsor will complete the academic criteria section (what I want my student to learn and experience from the internship). 
    • After all sections of contract are complete, Internship Coordinator will sign off on the contract. 
  • Interns will register for the course by obtaining a paper registration approval slip from the Internship Coordinator. The registration approval slip will then be taken to the Registrar’s office to be added to the student’s schedule.
  • Students MUST serve internship during the semester they register for the course. Students are NOT allowed to serve an internship in one semester and register/pay for the course in another semester. 
  • Interns are required to complete the minimum on site hours needed for internship credit. 
    • 1 credit=50 minimum hours 
    • 2 credits=100 minimum hours 
    • 3 credits=150 minimum hours 
  • Two weeks prior to the semester end, interns and site supervisors are required to complete an evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to review employer and student involvement and overall internship work experience. 
  • Employer and student evaluations of the internship experience will be forwarded to faculty sponsors upon the completion of internship. 
  • Once the faculty sponsor receives the evaluations, a pass/fail grade may be entered.