Cumberland University

Credit Offering and Grading

The credits awarded are determined according to the hours worked on site per semester:

  • 1 credit=50 minimum hours
  • 2 credits=100 minimum hours 
  • 3 credits=150 minimum hours 

NOTE: Hours worked on site may vary among departments based on accreditation standards and/or other extenuating circumstances as determined by the school Dean and Director of Career Services and Internships.

  • Two weeks prior to the semester end, interns and site supervisors are required to complete an evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to review employer and student involvement and overall internship work experience.
  • Employer and student evaluations of internship experience will be forwarded to faculty sponsors upon the completion of internship. 
  • Once faculty members receive evaluations, a pass/fail grade may be entered. Incomplete's are not given for Internships.