Cumberland University

175th Anniversary

175 Years of Radiating Knowledge and Expanding Minds

175The start of the 2016-17 academic year signals the 175th anniversary or dodransbicentennial of Cumberland University. There aren’t many colleges or universities in Tennessee or even the country that can claim 175 years of existence. The board of trust members, alumni, faculty, staff and students have great reason to be proud of their Cumberland University for “175 Years of Radiating Knowledge and Expanding Minds.” Along with this theme you will see and hear the three words rise, inspire, and shine as they describe the past, present and future of the University in many ways: Cumberland’s symbol of The Phoenix rising from the ashes; a higher education institution that inspires students to achieve their dreams, who then go out into the world and shine as problem-solving, thought-provoking, citizens and leaders.

At this point in Cumberland’s history, the University is bigger than it’s ever been, while still maintaining the same close-knit atmosphere that has always set it apart. The present, and especially the future, are limitless with exciting opportunities for growth. A new strategic plan has been set forth under the leadership of Dr. Paul C. Stumb, the 26th president of Cumberland University. While this is a tool to point the way forward, looking back at the past was an essential part of the process. Wise baseball legend Yogi Berra advised, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

The purpose of this website is to share Cumberland University’s history and opportunities to celebrate; to be a platform for alumni and friends to share their memories, and for alumni and current students alike to show how they have learned to rise, inspire, and shine from their time at Cumberland.

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